What is City Safari?

City Safari sends you into a neighborhood that you normally avoid. Without a guide. You ring a doorbell at the agreed time. Somebody who is expecting you opens the door. You have a personal encounter with someone you've never met before and you'll leave with a story that will stick with you.

What is City Safari Go?

On City Safari Go! you'll book your visits directly from the platform based on your personal interest and curiosity. You can combine multiple visits into a single day or even create a more complex program for multiple groups.

What is City Safari Corporate?

The Corporate option is an assisted form of planning your day at an extra cost. This is especially useful if you organize a visit for more than 6 participants around a certain theme. The Preferred Agent of a city can assist you with proposing a program, making the individual bookings, create a program and logistics for the participants and assist you in real life during the day of your City Safari.

What is an Agent?

Agents in cities around the world help us find the hosts who can invite people for personal encounters. They understand the special quality that we look for in an encounter. They coach the hosts and take care of their presentation, their bookings and the payment of their fees. There can be multiple agents in a city.

What is a Preferred Agent?

A city has only one preferred agent. She understands the social fabric of the city, she's an organizational and communicative master and she can create an unforgettable program for a client who wants some assistance. For creating a program, she can book hosts of all agents.

Who are the hosts?

They are not professional entertainers; they are not guides who show you the hotspots of the city. They are ordinary citizens who are prepared to share a moment in their daily life and to answer all your questions. The host may be a refugee, a violin builder, a veteran, a pundit, an activist... Someone who is open for a personal encounter in his home, workshop, house of worship or community center.

Are the hosts being paid?

Yes, and they determine their own fee. They decide how long an encounter will last, how many people are welcome at the same time and when it is convenient for them. The hosts are very much in control. Most just want a compensation for their expenses, some find it a welcome complement to their income. They will never ask for a tip or try to exploit your presence to sell something.

Is the organization taking a cut?

Yes, but not from the host's fee. We simply double the hot's fee to the list price on the platform. So from that list price 50% goes to the host, 25% to the agent for finding and coaching the hosts and 25% to City Safari Go for setting up and maintaining the platform, making the bookings and paying out hosts and agents.

Can I become a host?

Yes, if you are prepared to share your daily life with strangers for a while, you can register as a host and let us know about your background. Don't feel limited by the encounters that you see on the platform. You will need an agent to post your information online, but you can be your own agent if you wish. You will have to update your own dashboard, confirm bookings and receive payments. A host who is his own agent will receive the 50% for the host plus the 25% for the agent.

Are there age restrictions?

We have no age restrictions for participants. If a child understands what's going on, maybe participates in the conversation, if they have a cup of tea with the adults, they count as full participants. There are no special rates. If they're too young for that you should consider whether it's a good idea to bring them. They may interfere with the attention span of the encounter, or they may become the center of attention themselves. You, as a parent, are the best judge of the this.