Privacy Policy City Safari platform

At City Safari we use your information for booking activities and we don’t share any information with third parties. Our business model is aimed exclusively at getting you to book a visit, not to use your information for other purposes or expose you to asd. Our technology is secure and we do not process any payment information on our own platform. When you use our platform, you agree to our Privacy Policy.

1. To browse our site, you do not need to register and we don’t collect cookies. At every step from there we require only the information that is minimally required to perform these steps. So to check availability or create a wish list, we only need your email address and your name. When you make the actual booking we require the mobile phone number that you will be carrying during your visit so the host can reach you if necessary. Some hosts may want more information about you before they allow you into their home. If you do not want to provide that information, some activities may not be available to you. All information we collect about you, is in your profile and you may edit or remove these at any time. We do not save historical information from your profile. If, thirty days after registering, you have not made any bookings, have not added activities to your wish list or have not requested availability of an activity, we will remove all your data from the City Safari Platform and you may re-register when you come back.

2. The City Safari platform is protected with SSL technology and hosted on the Microsoft Azure servers in Amsterdam. We use Google Analytics to see how we’re doing. We do not store any of your payment information on the platform as we redirect you to Paypal or the Dutch based Rabobank platform. We use the services of Mailchimp for our newsletters and they store only your email address and name. Registration for the newsletter is separate from the registration on the platform and is used for the newsletter only. We do not share your contact information with any third party and we don’t run banners or ads on the City Safari platform.

3. Of our hosts we store more information than of our visitors. We need information to show on the platform. The published information can be anonymized with an alias for the name and we never reveal retractable address information until the visitor meeting the host requires that and then to the visitor only. And we need bank account information to pay out the fees to the hosts. We do not store any information that could be used to make payments on their behalf such as credit card information. Hosts can always access their personal profile which holds all data we collect and edit and remove if necessary.

4. After a host has received visitors or after a visitor has booked activities, we can’t remove the account altogether. This would compromise our historic data but we do anonymize the personal data by encryption with an external key so that the information is accessible only to the management and the developer of the platform. We decrypt for third parties only when required by law. A visitor or a host may request encryption by checking a box in the personal profile. As we do not share personal information with any third parties, there is added value of encryption only if the platform is hacked.

5. We operate one platform for cities on four continents. Agents in these cities find hosts and post them on the site. A host can be his or her own agent. A host is thus always linked to an agent. An agent has access to the profile of his or her own hosts only. As agents get a fee when a linked activity is booked, we store the same personal data (including bank account number) as we do for the hosts. Only four officers have access to all information at the management of City Safari BV and City Safari VOF in Rotterdam and the developers of the site at Wunz Efficiency in Windber, PA, USA.