Check the availability of the activity

The host that you have selected has informed us when he or she is normally available. Please check first if that fits with your plans. Select a date and a time. And check if the size of your group fits the activity and whether there is a common language to communicate in.

A peek at Miss Janssen's

If you have found a moment that fits with your schedule, you still need to check whether ‘ normally available’ is also ‘actually available’. Please enter your name and email address and we’ll check and let you know. Your request will block the time window for other visitors and the host may make arrangements to free up her schedule for you. So please do this ONLY if you’re able and willing to complete the booking by paying immediately after you get a confirmation of availability from the host.

If you are creating a program for corporation or government agency and you can’t make an immediate payment after confirmation of availability because of internal procedures, we have an alternative procedure for you. Press CORPORATE.

As soon as you press CHECK AVAILABILITY you will receive an email of confirmation of your request. You will then get a response as soon as possible but at the latest after 24 hours. After that you will have 24 hours to book the activity.